Regis the Welsh Corgi, is a sample of Custom Pet Portrait.
Regis a beloved dog for 13 years was the first baby in his family. He was there to watch over his human sister and brother when they were born and through the years after… always hearing them around and keeping a watchful eye on them. He lived for his family and for whatever food he could get his mouth on… probably ate more chocolate in his lifetime than any dog should have. In his loss there is a hole in each of his family members hearts that most likely will never go away, they loved him dearly and miss him even more.
Capture the essence of your pet's character in a colorful and contemporary customized style. Portraits are hand drawn and painted using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Each artwork is carefully illustrated to capture your pet's personality from the photo you provide.

“His portrait is hung in our hallway so that he can watch over all 3 of our rooms always just as he would if he were still here. It truly looks great! Love it!!! I feel like you caught that twinkle in his eye he had. It brought tears to Chris’s eyes! I think it is the best present I have ever given him.”
— Lexie